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Name Robert Dick Schinkel a.k.a. The Tea Guy Date of Birth December 25, 1974 Lives in Amsterdam Loves his wife Linda and their son Maximilian Robert (2014) Travels As far as a plane can take me Favorite drink Old Fashioned Wake me up for Pata Negra

" Ten years ago a friend gave me a ring about a tea sommelier competition that was going to be organized for the first time in the Netherlands. I had been participating in cocktail competitions for a few years back then and wanted to broaden my horizon. When I chose to enter this competition I could have never imagined where this decision would eventually take me. 

My first trip after winning the competition was to Sri Lanka, the home of Dilmah. I was given the chance to show my perspective as a cocktail bartender on tea to the worldwide Dilmah family at the global distributors meeting in 2008. After showing me their tea, their country and their company values they decided I could be a valuable contribution to their way of tea. This was my first of many visits to the tea fields and the tea factories and to be honest, my first true introduction to real tea.


Since then Dilmah has sent me to places all over the world to show a different side of tea, combining tea with my passions for hospitality and cocktails. Colombo, Jakarta, Girona, Lyon, Shanghai, Koh Samui, Paris and of course Amsterdam are just some of the places where I’ve done seminars and trainings on tea and mixology."

May 15, 2016

Winner Glassology by Libbey

Apr 14, 2016

Pekoe: Winner 2 Gold Medals Wolfgang Ordner

Jan 10, 2016

Pekoe: Winner Horecava Innovation Award

Dec 09, 2009

Winner 1st Tea Sommelier Competition by Dilmah

Oct 17, 2009

Winner NK Coffee in Good Spirits

Apr 14, 2007

Winner Southern Comfort Bartender of the year

Jun 09, 2006

Winner International Rémy Martin Bartender Stylemasters


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