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Inspired by global 

experiences, fueled

by hard work & passion.

Robert Schinkel

Everything until now

I describe myself as a “cocktail” - my mother is Indonesian and father Dutch. Like any other bartender, I started off working in dive bars, pubs and restaurants before I began mixing cocktails. As I gained experience, I wanted to broaden my horizon and started mixing coffee before moving to tea. 

I created  lots of innovating recipes, both with and without alcohol, and used this skill to create signature drinks for persons, occasions or properties.

In 2015 I launched my own spirit - Pekoe Tea liqueur - and it's the first premium range of tea liqueurs in the world. It's well-received in the industry and awarded with serveral prizes. 

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As a bartender I’ve won several (inter)national competitions including a global cocktail competition, a coffee competitions and a tea competition.


I’ve got more than 15 years of experience representing high-end spirit brands and have created over 250 signature tea cocktails.


I’ve presented at several international bar shows such as Tales of the Cocktail, Perfect Serve Bar Show Amsterdam, Athens Bar Show, Lisbon Bar Show and Venuez Belgium.


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I've been an expert on tea mixology for over ten years. I've been presenting this new trend in the world of cocktails throughout the world, demonstrating inspiring drinks with tea.


For Dilmah Tea I created 4 recipe books full of new tea based drinks and I'm one of the speakers at the International School of Tea, inspiring attendants from all over the world to look at tea from a different angle.

School of Tea

The past 12 years I’ve been the global ambassador of Dilmah tea, the largest privately-owned tea company in the world.


In that role I’ve trained thousands of professionals in more than 60 countries at various trade-events, bar shows conventions and venues.


I’ve developed and executed hotel training programs for the Marriott Group, the IHG group, Shangri-La and the Hilton group and others. I’ve trained ever more consumers and aficionados at gourmet festivals and events across the globe.


It's the first premium range of tea liqueurs in the world.